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Announcing NFI’s NEW Short-Length Workshop for Dads - 24/7 Dad® Key Behaviors Workshop!

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Jul 21, 2020


We get excited when something new is coming… and especially when “that something” is already here! Last Thursday we launched our brand-new, short-length fatherhood workshop for practitioners to deliver to dads called “24/7 Dad® Key Behaviors Workshop”.

This new workshop complements our 24/7 Dad® programs by helping dads learn the 12 key behaviors of a 24/7 Dad. Each of these behaviors are tied to the 5 traits of a 24/7 Dad (Self-Awareness, Caring for Self, Fathering Skills, Parenting Skills, and Relationship Skills). The best part is that this workshop is great for ANY dad—whether they’ve attended a 24/7 Dad® program or not!

Read on to learn about the behaviors dads will learn and the structure of this new workshop.

24/7 Dad® Key Behaviors Workshop helps fathers develop a set of behaviors that will help them become the best fathers possible. The behaviors are:

  1. Works with an Accountability Partner or Partners (24/7 Dad trait: Self-Awareness)
  2. Reflects on a Weekly Basis (24/7 Dad trait: Self-Awareness)
  3. Takes Care of Physical Health on a Regular Basis (24/7 Dad trait: Caring for Self)
  4. Takes Care of Emotional/Mental Health on a Regular Basis (24/7 Dad trait: Caring for Self)
  5. Develops Skills that Reflect His Role in the Family (24/7 Dad trait: Fathering Skills)
  6. Models Healthy Masculinity (24/7 Dad trait: Fathering Skills)
  7. Disciplines His Children in Healthy Ways (24/7 Dad trait: Parenting Skills)
  8. Nurtures His Children (24/7 Dad trait: Parenting Skills)
  9. Communicates Well with Mom and Their Children (24/7 Dad trait: Relationship Skills)
  10. Builds and Maintains a Good Relationship with Mom (24/7 Dad trait: Relationship Skills)
  11. Pays It Forward (Bonus Behavior)
  12. Engages with His Community (Bonus Behavior)

The workshop contains a total of 7 sections, and you can deliver it in as little time as one day (8 hours including lunch break), or divide the 7 sections into meetings over several weeks.

An engaging aspect of the workshop are the 5 videos NFI had created where dads who have learned about the traits of a 24/7 Dad discuss what they learned, and share the resulting behaviors. You can view a sample of the “Fathering Skills” video at this link. These 5 videos are located on the USB drive that comes with the workshop kit.

You can also facilitate this workshop with groups of fathers or with only one father (i.e. one-on-one)! To make these delivery options easier, we’ve taken the work out of figuring out how to modify the program for groups or for delivering to one dad by including separate guides in the Facilitator’s Manual for each scenario. The separate guides take out any guess work and provides you the flexibility of delivering it either way at any time, and without extra preparation!

The Complete Workshop Kit costs $479 and includes:

  • 24/7 Dad® Key Behaviors Workshop Facilitator’s Manual with Workshop Guide: Contains instructional information to easily facilitate the workshop with groups of fathers and with only one father.
  • (10) 24/7 Dad® Key Behaviors Workshop Fathering Handbooks: Fathers use and write in it to participate in activities (extra handbooks available for purchase).
  • (10) Quick Reference Cards: Perforated tear-out inside handbook front cover, fathers can keep as pocket cards to remind them of the 5 characteristics of a 24/7 Dad® and the 12 key behaviors.
  • Thumb drive (flash drive) Contains:
  • PowerPoint® Slide Decks: One for facilitating the workshop with groups of fathers and one for facilitating the workshop with only one father
  • (5) Videos to be used during workshop sections 2-6. (Note: these are not videos that facilitate the program for you.)
  • Customizable Marketing Posters/Flyers, Postcards and Press Release
  • Commitment/Reminder Card
  • Customizable Satisfaction Survey (fathers complete at the end of the workshop)
  • Customizable Completion/Graduation Certificate (fathers receive at the end of the workshop)

Learn more and download a sample at Fathersource™ today!

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