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Latest PACT Report Points to Effective Practices for Fatherhood Programs

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Jul 28, 2020


Have you struggled to identify effective practices for your fatherhood program?


If so, then the latest report from the federally-funded Parents and Children Together (PACT) evaluation can help.


What, exactly, is the PACT evaluation?


It’s the first evaluation of responsible fatherhood programs funded by the Administration for Children and Families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It’s examined the implementation and effectiveness of four programs that received grants in 2011. It’s measured the impacts on parenting and father involvement, economic security, co-parenting and relationships, and father well-being.

This latest report examined the effectiveness of the core activities (practices) of four programs within the context of four “Pathways-to-Outcomes models.”

  • Model 1: Healthy Relationships Between Co-Parents
  • Model 2: Father Development and Well-Being
  • Model 3: Consistent Employment
  • Model 4: Parenting Skills and Father Involvement

The researchers tested a hypothesis for each model.

  • Model 1: “Programs may improve fathers’ co-parenting relationships by integrating personal development, parenting, and healthy relationships content in a group-based workshop, educating fathers about domestic violence, providing individual case management, and engaging co-parents.”
  • Model 2: “Programs may support father development and well-being by reducing their risk for depression or depressive symptoms and associated risk of substance use disorder.”
  • Model 3: “Programs may improve fathers’ employment and economic stability by providing intensive and comprehensive work-related services.”
  • Model 4: “Programs may improve fathers’ parenting skills and increase involvement in their children’s lives by frontloading parenting content in a group-based workshop that covers the importance of father involvement, child development, and co-parenting.”

What did the testing of these hypotheses reveal about effective practices for fatherhood programs?

Read the report to find out! Seriously. The results are too detailed to cover here. Moreover, by reading the report, you can glean the information that’s most relevant for your fatherhood program.

And don’t stop there. The PACT evaluation has produced many helpful reports that can guide you in the design of effective fatherhood programs. To learn more about those reports, see my previous posts on results of the PACT evaluation (with links to the reports) by clicking on the embedded links below.

Want more information and resources from the PACT evaluation? Start here.

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