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You don't need to move the world - just your thumbs

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Mar 22, 2011
For the month of March, NFI’s Dad Email is featuring tips and advice on how dads can use technology to help them build their... Read More

Topics: technology

One Dad's Limerick in Praise of the Fanny Pack

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Feb 15, 2011
There once was a dad named Roland Whose name sounded a bit like Holland Read More

Topics: fatherhood resources, father factor, wall street journal

Congressman Daddy

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Jan 28, 2011
On January 5, 2011, the largest group of freshmen representatives to enter Congress in the past two decades took an oath to... Read More

Topics: fatherhood legislation, Congress

Fit to Retire

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Oct 26, 2010
My father turned 50 at the beginning of this summer. He’s in great health, but I got a little worried when I noticed that he kept... Read More

Topics: men's health

Fatherhood Stories from the Chilean Mine

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Oct 13, 2010
The entire world is celebrating the amazing ongoing rescue of 33 miners in Chile who have been trapped underground since August... Read More

Topics: chilean miners

A day in NFI's programming world

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Oct 12, 2010
A key part of National Fatherhood Initiative’s work is to equip fathers to be the best dads they can be. Our staff in the... Read More

Topics: Doctor Dad, incarceration, NFI-Specific Programs & Resources

Ending the Baby Blues

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Sep 13, 2010
I tend to be a pretty outspoken person about the things I care a lot about. Working at NFI has only made me more passionate... Read More

Topics: baby blues, comics, NFI-Specific Programs & Resources

He's Worth It

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Sep 8, 2010
I took a road trip this summer to visit a college friend in New Jersey. One of the things that I noticed during my time in the... Read More

Topics: incarceration

Daddy's Home

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Aug 16, 2010
While I was flipping through the radio on my way home from work recently, the lyrics of a song on a station I don’t normally... Read More

Topics: teen pregnancy

A Requiem for Fatherhood

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Aug 11, 2010
Read More

The DC Sniper Story Revisited: Before the "Aftermath"

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Aug 1, 2010
A few days ago, William Shatner, as part of his new A&E show called Aftermath, interviewed DC sniper, Lee Malvo. I have spoken... Read More

Topics: NFI, incarceration, d.c. sniper, father figure, biological parents

Choosing Comfort or Courage

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Jun 29, 2010
One of NFI president Roland C. Warren’s new sayings is, “Every day, a dad must choose between courage and comfort. Because to be... Read More

Getting sacked from "the blind side"

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Apr 30, 2010
Few are surprised that Sandra Bullock filed for divorce last Friday from Jesse James, who admitted to having an affair while... Read More

Topics: David Brooks, Jesse James, The New York Times, the blind side, Sandra Bullock

Teaching an "Old Dog" New Tricks

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Mar 29, 2010
This weekend, I watched the 2009 Disney movie Old Dogs with my family.Clearly, working at NFI has gotten to me, because about 15... Read More

Topics: Disney, robin williams, john travolta

One final Olympics-fatherhood reflection...

Posted by Fatherhood Blog   |   Mar 5, 2010
One of my favorite things about the Olympics was the personal stories of the competitors. (The sleep deprivation from staying up... Read More

Topics: olympics, bode miller

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