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It’s Time to Change the Landscape for Dads…

Posted by Jim Mckenzie

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Mar 11, 2014

We all have a social responsibility to engage more dads in the parenting process.

Father-absence affects about 24 million children in America, and it’s spreading. It’s linked to higher rates of poverty, failure in school, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, violent crime, ill-health and depression, and ultimately a loss of hope. Our children are growing up in that culture, and that’s recipe for disaster.

dad_convention_bannerIn the last 20 years as a lawyer, consultant, and publisher I have connected with thousands of parents (male and female) who agree that fathers' roles and ability in raising healthy children are so often underplayed and unappreciated.

There is too much divisiveness in parenting, and it has gone on for long enough. My mission is to create an environment of co-operation and respect, involving parents of both genders in a meaningful dialogue.

There is so much conflict and gender divisiveness in parenting, which just has to cease! The question now is how to execute the changes, and by creating a reasoned dialogue I just know that the decision makers will eventually be forced to put the needs of parents and families first! It's a concern to see the messages that are conveyed about dads in the media. 

As a generational issue, in the past, boys were shown how to be a stereotypical man, but never how to be a dad, so there has been a built-in parental disadvantage from the get-go. But this generation of dads wants to give much more nurturing to our children than our fathers gave to us.

So I’m doing something about it…I’m honored that so many amazing parents, nationally-renowned parent celebrities, expert speakers, business owners and national organizations are lending their support to the initiative to support and engage a generation of dads in the parenting process, and the spearhead is the one-day celebration of change, The Every Thing For Dads Convention 2014, on March 15 in Sarasota, Florida.

dadconventionbrandsWhy is this event so important? Here are 10 reasons:

1) IT’S REAL! People love Every Thing For Dads because it's 100% specifically about REAL DADS living REAL LIVES. It’s not a popularity contest about who knows the most, or who has the most popular social media following, it’s about sharing experiences and finding answers.

2) IT’S PRACTICAL. All aspects of the event have a "how to" approach to everyday situations. After all, nothing else can truly prepare you for the surprise and wonderment that is dadhood. We all need work and life balance in our busy lives.

3) IT’S A CELEBRATION! Celebrate your “Dad Factor”! Now 70% of the estimated 64 million fathers in the United States are hands on and want to keep their families first on their list of priorities. That’s a lot of noise...so let’s hear what they have to say!

4) IT’S EDUCATIONAL, YET ENTERTAINING…AND CHEAP! Get a pair of tickets for only $99 each, and if you are low-income or a non-for-profit, further concessions are still available. Turn your most difficult job into the most enjoyable job, for life.

5) IT’S A HANG OUT! Come and celebrate with Star Dads (and Moms) who are also passionate about being great dads and share your stories at our VIP Meet and Greet, Dads Town Hall Q and A, and celebrate fatherhood at the Mega Dads Awards.

6) IT’S A MOVIE! Dads live attendees will be filmed sharing their best dad tips for a documentary project on modern fatherhood.

7) IT’S A CHANCE TO SHARE YOUR VIEWS! Here’s your chance to have a voice - you'll be part of an incredibly large campaign to involve, educate and improve the lives of dads and families without having to shout.

8) IT’S YOUR CHANCE TO FESS UP! Every parent makes mistakes from time-to-time...oh, you thought it was only you? You’ll be amazed just how many do, but just don’t ‘fess up! Here’s your chance to learn, laugh and share with dads who aren’t afraid to show they care...in a very manly way of course (just kidding...real men do cry...really we do).

9) IT’S CHANCE TO LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE! You’ll have a chance to learn about how to communicate in a non-judgmental and inclusive environment.

10) IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING! Every Thing For Dads Foundation www.everythingfordads.com will be coming to town near you, in the most accessible ways, to support, teach and engage dads and families from all walks of life. If dads are taught how to be happy and healthy engaged fathers, children, wives and partners all benefit.

…and let’s face it, if the happiness, healthiness and burgeoning opportunity for advancement of parents and children is not the goal for society, then what is the point of living?

So, dads and moms, please come and support the Every Thing For Dads Convention, and let’s make the decision that opportunity, education and health for 21st Century children and families must come first. Even if you can’t make it, please help this movement, and make sure that you tell other parents that help is here; we’d love to ‘virtually” meet you!.

Tickets are limited, and available at http://www.birthandbeyondmagazine.com/abouttheconvention/ or feel free to message me at mailto:jimmckenzie@everythingfordads.com

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