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NFI's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Dec 30, 2015

We love blogging. Apparently, you love us blogging. We had a lot of traffic, shares, and comments on our posts this year. We pulled our top five blog posts of 2015 and think you will enjoy going down memory lane with us. It's been a fun year. Thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting on our content.

Here are our top-performing posts of 2015...


1. Fathers Eat Last: What Great Leaders Do That You Should Too

This book is a fascinating look at the traits a great leaders should have. In reading this book and writing the blog post Fathers Eat Last, I was reminded that leadership and fatherhood are intertwined in so many ways.

Sinek points out:

We are naturally cooperative animals that are biologically more inspired and motivated when we know we are helping others. Leadership is not a licensed to do list; it is a responsibility to do more. Leadership is always a commitment to human beings...We must all start today to do the little things for the good of others…one day at a time. Let us all be the leaders we wish we had.  

It's difficult to read this and not think about our role as father and/or leader.

Read this post here and use it to inspire you to be a better leader.  

2. 5 Easy Ways Dads Can Get Involved in Their Child's Education

NFI's President, Christopher A. Brown, originally posted 5 Easy Ways Dads Can Get Involved in Their Child's Education for NBC's Education Nation and it stirred a lot of interest. Chris pointed out:

Parents hear a lot these days about the importance of being involved in their children’s education. Unfortunately, dads often view “parent” as a code word for “mom.” Education, they say, is mom’s domain. So when mom steps up to the plate, dad often stays in the dugout. However, research indicates that a father’s involvement is crucial, and that it plays a key role in a child’s success in school and beyond.

Read the full most here for all five ways dads can get involved in education.

3. The Opportunity Costs of Father Absence

This post considers the costs involved when dad isn't in the home.

Christopher Brown explains:

The costs of father absence matter, a lot. These costs have a name -- opportunity costs. An opportunity cost is any cost that results from a person's decision to do something instead of something else. From another perspective, it's the benefit a person sacrifices to do something else. When fathers are absent from their children's lives -- physically, emotionally, or spiritually -- it costs them dearly. They give up the benefits of being involved, responsible, committed dads -- such as the love of their children and the joy of seeing their children grow into adults -- and the benefits of mothers' love in raising children together.

Read the full post here in order to consider the costs you may not have thought about when dad is not involved. 

4. The Best Way To Build Strong Children

Keith Zafren wrote this popular post for us. In it he talks about how our past can often subvert our involvement with our children. He writes:

When wounded fathers stop avoiding our pain, we begin to heal. It hurts to heal, but it also has immediate benefits, for our kids and for us. When we are free to love our children, to easily affirm them, and to openly show affection for them, we aren't just reducing the risk of theoretical statistics, we are filling them with security, giving them a strong self-esteem, and helping them feel truly happy as kids. And it feels fantastic for us as dads. It is so fun to have this kind of closeness with our kids. 

You have to read the full post here in order to understand why it made our top five list of 2015. 

5. 5 Challenges Faced By Fathers in Responsible Fatherhood Programs

Christopher Brown wrote this post and considered the primary challenges of fathers who participate in responsible fatherhood programs. This was a popular post for us in 2015. Learn more about the primary challenges by reading the full post here

Have you read these posts? What topic would you like to see us cover in 2016?

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