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Spotlight > An Amazing Gift from 10 Dads in Prison

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Jan 6, 2016

Recently, 10 graduates of the InsideOut Dad® program made an amazing, unexpected gift of $86 to help National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) pursue its mission. Receiving it is one of the greatest joys I’ve received in my time with NFI.

I've spent a lot of my more than 15 years with NFI trying to raise funds for our work. It's been a tough road to hoe. I've met with my share of success and failure. But the challenge of raising funds for our work is not why this donation warmed my heart and the hearts of my colleagues here. It represents so much more than funds to help NFI pursue its mission. It represents thanks from the thousands of fathers in prisons throughout the country that our programs and resources have helped create and maintain bonds with their children that are so vital to the well-being of our nation’s children and its future.  


Rather than go on, I encourage you to read the letter below that we received from staff at the East Florence Unit Complex in the Arizona State Prison who helped these dads learn how to be better dads through InsideOut Dad®. It expresses better than I can the reason NFI received this amazing gift. 



iod_fhb_cvrWhether you work in corrections or are interested in volunteering to teach incarcerated fathers, download your free sample of InsideOut Dad®.

InsideOut Dad® is the nation's only evidence-based fatherhood program designed specifically for incarcerated fathers. You can find leaders who use our resources in your area by visiting here.


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