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Friendly Fire: Fathers and Sons Find Kinship and Opportunity in Paintball

Old, green woodshop goggles stuck to Todd Sloan’s face as he ran across a paintball field in the California heat. In 1983, he wore no gear to protect him from the welts. He carried a 12-gram, CO2-powered pump-action weapon that held eight to 10 shots. The JT Splatmaster pistol in his hand was no more than a glorified plastic gun.

He loved it.

Paintball became Sloan’s passion. He built a paintball memorabilia wall in his house, with pictures of paintball skirmishes, shelves of paintball trophies and a display of his first semi-automatic paintball gun. He no longer has his original 12-gram Splatmaster, but he does have an active role in the activity. Sloan now referees in both the Central Texas Paintball League and Houston Paintball League – with his son, Dominic, when he’s home.

What Kind of Dad Are You?

“He does not need a commanding officer; he needs a father.” —Faia Raige, Wife of Cypher Raige, Mom of Kitai Raige in the new film, After Earth.

At NFI, we often talk about discipline. It comes with the territory. It’s worth pointing out that “discipline” comes from the Latin word discipulus meaning “to teach; to guide.” Dads often mistake “discipline” for “punishment”, which means to “penalize” for doing something wrong. In the new film After Earth, we get a glimpse of what happens when a dad must learn how to connect with his son.

Great Commercial. Bad tagline.

I love the pro-fatherhood imagery in this commercial. Take a look:

End Father Absence: Give a Second Chance to Dads Like Steven

Learning From A Kindergartner

Writing in the Huffington Post, Dr. Ricky Choi tells of an "interview" he had with his daughter about starting kindergarten. Turns out, there was a big difference between his answers and his daugthers. Reading the conversation between Dr. Choi and his daugther may remind us dads to be more perceptive and listen to our child more intentionally. Whether your child is entering kindergarten or college, the lesson this parent learned is worth memorizing. 

Climb Mountain, Get Water: The Father Factor in Kenna's Cause

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