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How to Partner With Us

Use NFI Resources and Programs to Engage Fathers in their Children's Lives.

National Fatherhood Initiative® provides the highest quality and widest range of fatherhood skill-building printed material, workshop and curriculum kits, training, and technical assistance available.

Since 2002, NFI has distributed over 8,548,227 fatherhood skill-building resources and as the leader in training and technical assistance for organizations working with fathers, we have trained over 30,414 staff/facilitators (15,046 staff in person and 15,368 staff online via webinar), from approximately 7,146 diverse organizations in all fifty states. We've also delivered over 135,689 free downloadable resources to dads and organizations from our website since tracking them at the start of 2013.

Learn about our fatherhood programs and resources here.

Browse and purchase our fatherhood programs and resources at

Partner on State, County, and Local Fatherhood Initiatives 

Let us help you do something big for fathers in your state, county, or community! We have mobilized several communities/cities, states and counties around their large fatherhood initiatives. 

Learn more about our Community Mobilization Approach, which has already been used in many states, counties, and cities to promote father engagement across community sectors.

Erik Vecere, Vice President, Program Support | 240.912.1278

Bring in NFI to Facilitate Father Engagement Strategy & Planning

NFI has a long, proven history in coming alongside organizations, agencies, and other family service networks to help guide their father engagement planning & strategy. We have two offerings that can help:

Social Responsibility Partnerships: 

Cause Marketing and Corporate Sponsorships

As the country’s most influential fatherhood organization, National Fatherhood Initiative® helps consumer product, entertainment, and media companies reach fathers and families through NFI's base of thousands of community organizations running fatherhood programs. We also reach fathers and families directly through the free resources we distribute. Learn how we can partner to reach and engage more dads while positioning your company as a brand that cares about dads. See the Sponsorships area of our website to learn more.

In a recent article posted on The Huffington Post, NFI President Christopher Brown says:

"... the next step for brands is to build on the business case for marketing to dads and help combat, through their social responsibility efforts, one of the most consequential social problems of recent decades -- widespread father absence in the lives of children. Approximately 1 in 3 children (some 24 million) in America will sleep tonight in a home without their father, and 9 in 10 parents agree that there is a father absence crisis."

Read the Full Article Here.

Ready to Make a Difference?

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