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7 MORE Facts from Father Facts 7 [Free Resource]

Posted by Melissa Byers

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Mar 25, 2016

Father Facts 7 (FF7) is the go-to resource if you're interested in promoting responsible fatherhood. These vital statistics on father absence are helping thousands of fatherhood leaders and organizations across the country. 

When we released Father Facts 7, we offered seven (7) shareable images featuring statistics on the impact of father absence and involvement. The response has been astounding. So we decided to make more images for you to share. 

ff7-stats-page-cover_2-1.jpg father facts fatherhood researchAlmost 1,000 fatherhood leaders and family organizations have downloaded and shared our Father Facts 7 Shareable Stats.

By you sharing these eye-opening statistics you're helping others see the importance of an involved dad in the life of his children and family.

Many leaders are downloading these stats and we find it inspiring how you're sharing them. To give you an idea, downloads have included leaders and organizations from the following industries (not in any order)...

  • Community-Action agencies
  • Faith-Based organizations
  • Education and Health-related organizations
  • Corrections and Reentry programs
  • Government and other social service agencies
  • Pregnancy Centers
  • Military Installations

And you are using the stats in so many different ways...

  • Sharing on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with investors, partners, and followers
  • Educating and inspiring fatherhood programs with newsletters, fliers, presentations, brochures, wall displays, and to supplement father program sessions and retreats
  • Helping attract more dads to programs and aid in community awareness of the importance of fatherhood
  • Displaying in offices, distributing at fatherhood events, placing in neonatal intensive care units and postpartum units at hospitals
  • Sharing with legislators on the importance of responsible fatherhood
  • Using for speeches and for radio interviews

As you can see, organizations and leaders are using these shareable stats in many ways. You can use these stats to help educate everyone you influence on the facts of father absence. Remember, you can purchase the full resource by visiting Father Facts 7.

If you haven’t seen the shareable images yet, please visit Father Facts 7 Share for the images. Please keep offering your feedback and sharing these vital statistics.

There is a Father Factor in America's Worst Social Problems...


Just the Facts > The State-Level Data on Father Absence...


Just the Facts > Father Factor in Early Childhood...


Just the Facts > Father Factor in Adolescence...



Just the Facts > Father Factor in Incarceration...


Just the Facts > Father Factor in Drug Abuse...

FF7_Drugs_500px-1.jpg father factor drug abuse

Just the Facts > Father Factor in Maternity...


What’s one way these Father Facts can help you serve fathers and families? 

To get these stats and more, please visit our Father Facts 7 Shareable Stats Page and consider purchasing the full resource here

Are you a dad looking for help? Please visit our Fatherhood Program Locator™ and enter your city and state on the map to find programs and resources in your community.

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