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Feb 27, 2014
Do you ever wonder why it's so critical to provide services and programs to dads?

One of the primary reasons is that the fatherhood landscape has dramatically changed in the past couple of decades, and the pace of change keeps accelerating. 

Screen_Shot_2014-02-27_at_12.24.59_PMTo capture some of this change and its implications for organizations that provide direct services to families, the Deseret News and The Atlantic joined forces on a compelling 4-part series that chronicles how recent changes in fathers' roles impacts our society and families.
The series uses poignant stories about the impact of father absence, the rise in single fathers raising children on their own, how government-funded programs have not done an adequate job of serving fathers (and how some non-profits have attempted to fill part of that void), and how a novel but age-old approach to get dads training for stable, good-paying jobs (apprenticeships) can strengthen the institutions of fatherhood and marriage. 

Whether your organization provides services or programs specifically designed for fathers, serves fathers as part of a larger audience (e.g. parents), or has thought about serving fathers but hasn't started, I encourage you to read this series.

It's vital that organizations in the trenches stay connected to the reason for their work--to make the world a better place for future generations.

NFI is here to serve you, as you serve families, with the resources and programs you need to succeed. Supporting You. Supporting Fathers. Supporting Families.SM

How do you stay connected to your organization's mission? How does serving fathers connect to that mission?
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