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Friendly Fire: Fathers and Sons Find Kinship and Opportunity in Paintball

Old, green woodshop goggles stuck to Todd Sloan’s face as he ran across a paintball field in the California heat. In 1983, he wore no gear to protect him from the welts. He carried a 12-gram, CO2-powered pump-action weapon that held eight to 10 shots. The JT Splatmaster pistol in his hand was no more than a glorified plastic gun.

He loved it.

Paintball became Sloan’s passion. He built a paintball memorabilia wall in his house, with pictures of paintball skirmishes, shelves of paintball trophies and a display of his first semi-automatic paintball gun. He no longer has his original 12-gram Splatmaster, but he does have an active role in the activity. Sloan now referees in both the Central Texas Paintball League and Houston Paintball League – with his son, Dominic, when he’s home.

Preparing Teens for Fatherhood with Boyz2Dads

The following is a guest post by Shawn O'Keefe, Youth Programs Specialist for Newport News Department of Human Services. If you would like to guest blog for us, email here.

Dad Games Week 3 Recap: Affirming Your Kids

Today marks the last day of Week 3: Gold Medal Dads…Affirm Their Kids. With week three of The Dad Games closing tonight and week four starting tomorrow, we look back over a great week and see what other dads are saying about the week three of the Dad Games challenge.

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