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Improve Maternal-Child Health

Improve Maternal-Child Health

A child’s health is directly tied to his or her father’s presence. From emotional and behavioral issues, to sexual activity and abuse and neglect, father absence affects many issues related to child health. Moms can encourage father involvement, and in doing so, father involvement is increased.

For example:

  • Children from father-absent homes are at a two times greater risk of infant mortality
  • Children from father-absent homes are two times more likely to be obese

However, when dads are involved:

  • Babies are healthier, with fewer complications at birth, 4 times more likely to celebrate their first birthday, less likely to experience Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and have improved learning and emotional development
  • Children are more likely to go to well-baby visits, and have higher developmental scores and fewer behavior problems later in life

Dads (and moms!) need to understand the importance of father involvement, and the benefits to their children. In fact, that is why NFI created Resources for Moms, to help them understand the importance of father involvement, and how to include dad in the lives of their children for the benefit of the child.

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