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Posted by Melissa Byers

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Jul 13, 2017


A Fatherhood Mentor working in a Pregnancy Center called us one day in a bit of a panic. "I have a few dads coming into the center tonight and I don't have anything ready for them. What do you have that I can use?" he said.

I quickly directed him to one of our two, easy-to-use PDF discussion guides that NFI created for this very kind of thing. In fact, you, your staff, or fatherhood mentor can use these guides with ZERO preparation.

If you had a dad sitting in front of you tomorrow, and had 15 minutes to discuss important topics related to fatherhood, where would you begin? What would you discuss?

What if you wanted to talk with a mom who was struggling to understand why dad matters to her children? How would you help her understand how and why she should better communicate and co-parent with dad for the benefit of their children?

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't know where to start in either case.

It's for these reasons and more that we created the 17 Critical Issues to Discuss with Dads and 14 Critical Issues to Discuss with Moms PDF guides. Because they are delivered to you as a PDF, each can be purchased and downloaded for immediate use.


Both PDF guides help you lead discussions in any way you want, and they each use the same layout:

  • Each topic is covered in two to three pages. You will find background information on the topic, which includes several important factors to keep in mind when working with fathers on the topic.
  • The background information is followed by key learning objectives for fathers.
  • The topic ends with key questions that fathers should ask themselves on the topic. These key questions are tied to the learning objectives.

So where did these critical issues come from, you ask?

Our team, led by NFI President Christopher Brown, an applied anthropologist with more than 20 years experience designing fatherhood programs and resources and studying fatherhood and masculinity cross culturally, identified critical issues that are imperative to address when assisting dads and moms of any race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background in becoming involved, responsible, and committed dads - and moms who can better communicate with and engage dads for the benefit of her children.

And what are the critical issues? Can I see samples?

Of course!

17 Critical Issues to Discuss with Dads > Download Sample Here

  • Topic 1: Family of Origin
  • Topic 2: Masculinity and Fatherhood
  • Topic 3: Fathering Skills
  • Topic 4: Child Development
  • Topic 5: Raising Boys, Raising Girls
  • Topic 6: Discipline
  • Topic 7: Gender Communication
  • Topic 8: Building Healthy Marriages and Relationships
  • Topic 9: Dealing with Emotions
  • Topic 10: Grief and Loss
  • Topic 11: Men’s Health
  • Topic 12: Sexuality
  • Topic 13: Intimacy
  • Topic 14: Power of Spirituality
  • Topic 15: Power of a Fathers’ Support Group and Network
  • Topic 16: Balancing Work and Family
  • Topic 17: Financial Responsibility

14 Critical Issues to Discuss with Moms > Download Sample Here

  • Topic 1: Co-Parenting
  • Topic 2: Gender Communication
  • Topic 3: Dad's Importance to Child Well-Being
  • Topic 4: Restrictive Maternal Gatekeeping
  • Topic 5: For Your Children's Sake
  • Topic 6: Trusting Dad
  • Topic 7: Mutual Respect
  • Topic 8: Conflict Resolution
  • Topic 9: Power and Control
  • Topic 10: Angry with Dad
  • Topic 11: When Dad is Absent
  • Topic 12: Family of Origin
  • Topic 13: Discipline of Children
  • Topic 14: Listening

Are you and your staff prepared to discuss the most important topics with moms and dads to encourage father involvement?

If not, what are you waiting for?

The Critical Issues Discussions Guides can be purchased on FatherSource™ for just $41.99 each and downloaded immediately.


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