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4 Reasons to Promote Marriage to Dads

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The Father Absence Crisis [Infographic]

[Video] Another Reason Why Dads are Vital to Child Well-Being

The Value of Taking a “Refresher” Training

Apply for New Cohort to Learn to Use Change Leadership to Transform Your Organization

More Reason to Serve These Underserved Dads

FRPN Free Webinar > Inside the Black Box: Measuring Service Delivery, Client Engagement and Fidelity

Who's Tom Brady's Hero? [Video]

Spotlight > Williamsburg, VA CDR Empowers Dads with NFI Resources

How Dads View Co-Parenting

Why a Father-Friendly Culture is Vital to Effectively Serving Dads

How Your Organization Can Support National Marriage Week

Why Good Facilitators are Vital for Program Retention

An Important Question from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Spotlight > New Hampton Jail Uses InsideOut Dad® Program, Prepares Fathers for Release

How to Find a Fatherhood Program Near You

Free Tool > The FatherSource™ Advisor

What You Need to Know > New Rule to Increase Regular Child Support Payments

6 Tips for a Powerful Fatherhood Event

The Untapped Pot of Funds for Fatherhood Programs

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A Website Model for Your Fatherhood Work

Alan Thicke, Father on Screen and in Real Life, Passes Away at 69

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Just for Moms > 2 New Resources on Communication and Co-Parenting (Product Spotlight)

Powerful Video for Your Fatherhood Program

Strengthening Families and The 5 Protective Factors Series: Social & Emotional Competence of Children

Online, On-Demand Practitioner Certificates A Hit!

Strengthening Families and The 5 Protective Factors Series: Concrete Support

The Silver-Lined Lesson for Your Kids from the Presidential Election

24/7 Dad® Commitment Pledge Makes a Difference for Family Services, Inc.

Strengthening Families and The 5 Protective Factors Series: Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development

Spotlight > New Video Podcast Reveals the Impact of InsideOut Dad® Program

Strengthening Families and The 5 Protective Factors Series: Social Connections (Free Resource)

New Resource Shows Dads How to Better Manage Money

Strengthening Families and The 5 Protective Factors Series: Parental Resilience (Free Resource)

6 Tips to Protect Your Child from Bullying

A Secret Weapon for Facilitators of Fatherhood Programs

Spotlight > Men in Pueblo, Colorado Learn to Become Better Dads

Final Reminder > Opportunity to Start or Expand ​24/7 Dad®! (Application Deadline 10/31)

What Does Child Support Enforcement Say about Responsible Fatherhood?

Free Webinar > An Introduction to NFI's Home Visitation Resource Bundle

Opportunity to Start or Expand ​24/7 Dad®!

Where to Find the Latest Research on Dads

Free Resources > 4 New eBooks to Help You Serve Fathers

A Way to Address Brutal Outcomes for Men and Boys

What "Dads Matter Too" Did for Their Program Graduation That You Should Too

The Real and Raw Impact of Out of the Ashes

Free Webinar on NFI's GiveBack Program™ > How You Can Save Money on Supplies You Need

Spotlight > Teen Dads in Texas are Getting the Help They Need

5 Things I Learned While Volunteering at a Fatherhood Program

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Free Webinar from FRPN: Using Cellphone Technology in Fatherhood Programs and Research

Spotlight > InsideOut Dad® Helps Inmates Become Better Dads in Jackson, Tennessee

The Most Vital Cost for a Fatherhood Program

4 Keys to Creating an Actionable Father Engagement Plan

12 Tips to Help Your Board Members Raise Funds

New Spanish Resource > The Importance of an Involved Father (Brochure)

The Four Roles of a Great Fatherhood Program Facilitator

Are You The Best Kind Of Parent?

New Grant Funding Opportunity Available from the FRPN

Why Evidence-Based Fatherhood Programs are Important for Dads

Creative Use of NFI's Resources for Moms Creates Powerful Program

Free Resource > NFI Improves the Father Friendly Check-Up™

How to Address the Biggest Barrier to Dads' Involvement

Introducing NFI's GiveBack Program™ > Save Money on Supplies You Need to Serve Clients

The Key to Dads Establishing Paternity

9 Ways Dads Can Nudge Their Child’s Doctor

5 Reasons Why Moms Establish Paternity, and 5 Reasons They Don't

Authority and Responsibility

Free Webinar > NFI Programs: All You Want (or Need) to Know...and More!

The 5 Factors that Predict a Lack of Dad's Involvement

Dad's Presence at Birth Leads to a Healthier Baby and Mom

Why You Should Care about NFI’s Core Values

New Free Resource > 46 of the Best Fatherhood and Family Films (Downloadable Guide)

NFI Revises Its Mission & Launches Improved Website

Free Webinar > Fatherhood Engagement in Community Action

Spotlight > Newport News City Jail Teaches 107 Men How To Be Better Dads

How To Celebrate Fathers > Fairfax County, VA Proclaims June as Fatherhood Awareness Month (Video)

How Many Children Won’t Buy a Gift for Dad?

Spotlight > The Teen Dad Experience (Odessa, Texas)

Did You Know NFI Can Do This for Your Network?

Confessions of a Volunteer Co-Facilitator > The Importance of Fathers

Creative Uses of NFI Guides Never Stop!

How to Help the 5 Million Children Who Have Had an Incarcerated Parent

Let Your Teen Girl Do This, She’ll Be Glad You Did

Six Steps to Implementing an Evidence-Based Program

Learn this Powerful Approach to Effective Facilitation

How to Help Staff Counsel Dads (Downloadable eGuides)

Spotlight > How Seneca County's (NY) Creative Use of NFI Resources Helps Dads

5 Myths Dads Have About Fatherhood Programs

How Are You Helping Mothers This Mother's Day and Beyond?

Making Good on Fatherhood: A Review of the Fatherhood Research (Free Resource)

4 Vital Questions to Teach Your Kids

Free Webinar > FRPN to Host Webinar on Measuring Economic Security Outcomes in Fatherhood Programs

We Have a Winning Pledge! Announcing 24/7 Dad® and InsideOut Dad® Pledge

Readers' Feedback on Effective Facilitation

Fathers Facing Addiction: What You Can Do to Help

Free Webinar > How Father Friendly is Your Organization?

Spotlight > Buckner Project Helps Fathers Become Better Dads in Texas

A Unique Resource to Begin Healing Relationships Affected by a Father’s Incarceration

A Hidden Opportunity to Serve Dads

The Best Fundraising Book You Might Never Heard Of

How Should You Prepare to Facilitate a Fatherhood Program?

The Dads You Might Not Serve, But Should

7 MORE Facts from Father Facts 7 [Free Resource]

What’s the Greatest Challenge in Helping Dads?

Research to Application: The Switch Framework

Colson Task Force Recommendations Show Value of NFI Resources

What Makes for an Effective Facilitator?

A Father's Contact from Prison Made All the Difference to His Son

How One Hour Changed My Image of Jerry Jones

5 Ways to Be a Great Dad During Tough Times

Earn Your Effective Facilitation Certificate™ from the Nation’s Leader

While Wilmington, DE has a High Rate of Father Absence, it Also Has One of the Best Fathers

The Deep, Powerful Message in Kelly Clarkson's New Hit Song

Announcing Call for Submissions > 24/7 Dad® and InsideOut Dad® Pledges

The Secret Sauce for Dads to Take Paternity Leave

More Organizations Using 24/7 Dad® with Teen Dads

3 Best Websites for Dads

The 7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad

Four Fatherhood Lessons from America's Founding Father

3 Ways To Make Your Marriage Better By Tonight

President's Proposed 2017 Budget Maintains Level of Fatherhood and Healthy Marriage Funding

Where Presidential Candidates Stand on Supporting Families

Spotlight > 24/7 Dad® Launches in Iowa, Shows Recruitment "Must Haves" [Video]

Be Good to Yourself. You’ll Be Better to Your Kids.

What the NFL Can Teach You About Fatherhood Programming

8 Ways an Involved Father Helps His Child

Last Chance > Sign Up and Learn to Engage Fathers in Home Visits [Free Webinar]

Spotlight > Indianapolis Re-Entry Facility Gives 42 Families More Than Just a Dance (Video)

Free Tool Helps You Be a Better Dad [Google Play App]

Grant Funding Opportunity Available to Evaluate Fatherhood Programs

Spotlight > An Amazing Gift from 10 Dads in Prison

NFI's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

The Top 5 Leadership Books I Read in 2015

Research to Application: Planning Prompts

Free Webinar > A Conversation with Researchers about New FRPN Outcome Measures for Nonresident Fathers

Why Involving Fathers in Child Welfare Cases is a Matter of Ethics

RFP for Second Round of Evaluation Funding from FRPN

14 Critical Issues to Discuss With Moms

Join 500+ in Using Our Shareable Father Facts 7 Statistics

The Need for More Mom-Focused Prison Programs

The Four C's of Parenting [Infographic]

How to Raise a Resilient Child

4 New, Free, Easy-to-Use Assessment and Evaluation Tools

Spotlight > Richmond Jail Gives Dads 3 Hours and Hope (Video)

How Can I Keep My Teen Safe with Their New Smartphone?

Father Facts 7 Gets an Insightful Review

How to Raise a Charitable Child

7 Facts from Father Facts 7 [Free Resources]

Spotlight > Maury County Jail Helps Incarcerated Fathers

Please Help NFI Provide Free Education and Resources

This Dad Energizes Halloween for Kids in Wheelchairs

Two Supports Lacking for U.S.Children in Poverty

Father Facts 7 > State Rates of Father Absence

Becoming Better Fathers – And Father Figures

Father Facts 7: Grandfathers Raising Grandchildren

Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Father Facts 7: How Involved Fathers Benefit Mothers

The Buzz Around the Father Engagement Certificate™

Father Facts 7: The Impact of Incarceration on Father Absence

How to Shift the Mindset of Incarcerated Fathers

Father Facts 7 is Here, Ready to Help You

Dads Hold Key to Reducing Child Poverty

How Training on NFI Programs Helps Organizations be Creative and Effective

How to Raise a Human or a Vampire

Spotlight > Fighting for Fathers in Mobile, Alabama (Video)

Free Webinar > Cutting Edge Tips on Running an Exceptional Fatherhood Program

Faith-Based Fatherhood Spotlight > Pastor and His Dad Serve Fathers in Kentucky Jail

Spotlight > Washington State Dept of Corrections Teaches Fathers from Prison [Video]

Upcoming Free Webinar from FRPN > Engaging Mothers & Improving Coparenting in Fatherhood Programs

How To Fund Your Fatherhood Program

Netflix's New Parental Leave Policy Lacks Teeth

Research to Application: Cognitive Biases

3 Rules You're Breaking When Talking with Your Child

Why an Open Entry Program is a Bad Idea

What are the Global Challenges to Father Involvement?

How You and Your Fatherhood Program Can Get Found Online

Spotlight > TOPS DAD Program in Arizona [Video]

The First Lesson for Every New Dad: Be CLASSY


Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master Nurturer

TEDxTalk: First Time Fathers: A Candid View of Their Experiences (Video)

Be One of the First Partners in NFI’s Brand New Partner Program

Spotlight > The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood [Video]

How Mass Media Portray Dads & What You Can Do About It

Don't Waste the Single Most Important Tool in Your Fatherhood Program

How to Effectively Engage Fathers: The 5th Competency

How to Effectively Engage Fathers: The 4th Competency

Happy Father's Day, from The Drac Pack and NFI! (Hotel Transylvania 2 Official Trailer)

3 Things You Should Do > Because You're Being Watched

How to Effectively Engage Fathers: The 3rd Competency

Study Lays Evidence Base for 24/7 Dad®

How to Effectively Engage Fathers: The 2nd Competency

Dads Graduate Fatherhood Pilot Program in McNairy Co Jail, Selmer, Tenn [Video]

How to Effectively Engage Fathers: The 1st Competency

The Oxygen Mask Rule of Fatherhood

Research to Application: Keystone Habits

Get Your Father Engagement Certificate™ from the Nation’s Leader

Upcoming Webinar from FRPN June 2nd: Finding a Partner & Conducting a Successful Evaluation

How NFI Programs Can Help You Secure a Federal Fatherhood Grant

2 Basic Traits Key to Lasting Relationships

Confronting the Child Support Crisis

How Mindsets Impact Helping Dads

The Importance of the Self-Aware Father

How the YMCA of Greater Des Moines, Iowa is Helping Fathers & Families (Video)

Preventing Child Abuse: The Crying Baby

On Fathers and Their Importance

Hyundai's Daddy-Daughter Spot You Must Watch to Believe

How to Be the Hero Like Paul Blart

3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Life

5 Challenges Faced by Fathers in Responsible Fatherhood Programs

Special NYC Screening with Kevin James for #BlartRidesAgain [Invitation]

Announcement > Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Requests Comments

The Federal Funding Process and Engaging Fathers in Corrections/Reentry [Free Webinars]

Two Stories that Will Warm Your Heart

One Thing This Billion-Dollar CEO Does Every Week That You Should Too

3 Ways to Leverage the Good News about Teen Dads

How I Keep the Magic of Reading Alive After #NationalReadingMonth

NFI Partners with fodada to Ask: What’s a 24/7 Dad?

6 Steps to Becoming the Dad You Wish You’d Had

What Makes a Parent a Smart Parent

5 Mistakes Costing You and Your Family Money

The Best Way to Build Strong Children

4 Steps for Making Tough Parenting Decisions

For Fathers in Prison > Fatherhood Training Impacts Recidivism and Behavior [KY DoC]

The One Investment You Never Regret Making

The Best and Worst of Times for Fatherhood

How a Man Named Emil is Helping Fathers in Torrington, Connecticut

The Opportunity Costs of Absent Fathers

Research to Application: The Power of the "Deviant Dad"

Richmond County Fatherhood Initiative is Reaching Fathers & Families (Video)

350 Practitioners on the Challenge of Maternal Gatekeeping

The Critical Role a Nonprofit Business Model Plays in Guiding Your Fatherhood Program

Adrian Peterson’s Child Abuse Situation—Did We Learn the Right Lessons?

5 Tips to Help Your Children Maintain A Healthy Weight

How Three Consumer Brands Helped Dads and Kids Score a Touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday

Fresno Dads Are Getting Help Thanks to 'POPS'

Teach the Magic of Learning to Your Preschool Children

Locked Up in Jacksonville Florida: How One Corrections Dept is Correcting Fatherhood

Is It Finally Time to Put Marriage in the Dustbin?

Fatherhood Research and Practice Network Selects Grantees

5 Easy Ways Dads Can Get Involved in Their Child’s Education

Fathers Eat Last: What Great Leaders Do That You Should Too

Announcing 24/7 Dad® 3rd Edition > See What's New and Save $200 During the Pre-Sale!

NFI's Top 20 Blog Posts of All Time

New Jersey Legislators to Establish Responsible Fatherhood Initiative

Fatherhood Begins at Conception

What Annie Needed That Every Kid Needs

Finding Your Place in Fatherhood

Father Factor Spotlight: Annie > In Theaters 12/19 (Official Trailer)

When Dad's in Jail: How Team Dad is Helping Tennessee Families

What Parents Should Really Fear

Got Fired? 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid

You Can Make a Difference for Dads in Your Community > Here's How!

6 Steps to Solving Most Any Problem

Office of Child Support Wants Your Input

We Don’t Mind Hiding Behind Your Fatherhood Program Success

6 Steps to Deal with Fears for Your Children

Christmas in November

The ABC's of a Father-Friendly Program

Faith-Based Film Spotlight: Saving Christmas (In Theaters Friday)

Research to Application: Framing and the "No Choice Option"

Why Horseplay is Vital for Your Kids

17 Critical Issues: A Guide for Fatherhood Practitioners & Staff

The How and Why Behind Never Giving Up Hope

San Diego Is Getting Fatherhood: What Happens When 120+ Fathers Become Trained Dads

Evaluation: When Mom Involves Dad, Children Win

The 7 Steps to Starting a Successful Fatherhood Program

Fathers Behind Bars: The Problem & Solution for America's Children [Infographic]

Global Review Shows Parenting Interventions Need Gumption

How to Avoid Being a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Dad

Fatherhood Leader: How You Can Go Mobile With Your Fatherhood Skills

Father Factor Spotlight: Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

2014 Progress Report: Serving you. Serving Fathers. Serving Families.

How Your Vote in November Could Harm or Help Children

Why Peanut Butter Cheerios #HowToDad Wins at Cereal and Fatherhood

What's Missing in the Adrian Peterson Story?

Parental Incarceration Might be Worse for Children than Parental Divorce or Death

That Time When Ray Liotta Punched Me in My Fathering Face

What Every Child Needs

What Great Leaders Know That Others Don't

Never Forget, You are a Father!

In Theaters Next Friday 9/5: Seth Green, Ashley Judd & Ray Liotta Star in "The Identical"

Off to College: An Open Letter to My Son

Football, Family, and Fatherhood: Learn About When The Game Stands Tall

How You Can Directly Help NFI Help Organizations that Serve Dads

Assistance Needed: Fatherhood Research & Practice Network Poll

Teens, Sex, Fathers, Marriage: All That ‘N a Baby Carriage

Research to Application: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose

Peanut Butter Cheerios #HowToDad is Spot-On Portrayal of Fathers

Dude, What Science Tells Us About Teen Behavior

Reminder to Mom and Dad: 18 Years Go By Fast

NFI’s New Evidence-Based Program Offerings to Serve At-Risk Teen and Young Adult Fathers and Couples

Eliminate the Dark and Illuminate Fire Safety

Why Parents Shouldn't Be Concerned About Their Children's Texting

Have You Looked Under the Hood Lately?

Balance Work & Family: Be a Better Husband & Father with Less Effort

How Safe is Your Family?

NFI Board Elects New Board Chairman, Looks to Future of Fatherhood

How Much Do You Know About the Rights of Unmarried Dads?

How Messi and Ronaldo Can Make You a Better Parent

The Best Dad Advice Around: Download Free eBook & Enter the iPad Air Giveaway

10 Ways to Sneak Spinach into Your Child's Food

Your Children are What YOU Eat

The Problem with Parent-Directed Activities

10 Ways To Be a Better Dad

What's Mom Got to Do With It?

See How Connecticut is Changing Fatherhood and Why It Matters to You

Day 91: Attack of the Clichés! #P90X3Dads

Father Involvement and the Gender Gap in Education

7 Brands Who Got Dad Commercials Right

Don’t Leap Before You Look: Properly Preparing to Work with Fathers

Day 91: My Journey from Obese to Overweight #P90X3Dads

Happy Father's Day!

New Release: Father-Readiness Training Kit™

A Tribute to Gregg Nicklas

What Dads Can Learn From the Santa Barbara Killing Spree

Lowe's, LG & Dove Men+Care: One of These Messages is Not Like the Other

The Surprising Facts about Payments of Child Support

Victory Weak? #p90x3dads

More on Money and TA for Evaluating Fatherhood Programs

Massaged Your Baby Today? Study Says Massage Good for Baby & Dad

Money and Technical Assistance for Evaluating Fatherhood Programs on Its Way

Deployed Dads: The Risks Facing Military Children and How You Can Help

How to Dispel the Illusion of Parental Control

How to Address the Insane Rate of Incarceration in the U.S.

Simple Ideas for How To Be An Active Dad

Day 74: Respect Water #P90X3Dads

NFI Awarded Contract with General Services Administration (GSA)

The Long View on Reducing Child Abuse and Neglect

What To Do (and What Not To Do) With Your Kids on #MomsNightOut

21 Questions with NFI's Newest Board Member: Chris Efessiou [Interview]

What Tsunamis, the Moken, and Focus Can Teach You about Being a Great Dad

The Affects of an Emotionally Unavailable Dad

New Orleans Group Teaches Fathers How to Be Dads

NFI Celebrates 20 Years of Changing Fatherhood: Ryan Williams

Single White Moms Should Say Yes to Father Involvement

The Dismal Place of the U.S. on Father Absence

Prepping for Mom's Night Out

Putting P90X3 to the Test (#P90X3Dads)

NFI Releases Discussion Guide to Use with Dads in Any Setting

How "Cultural Parasites" Affect Work with Dads

Need for More Sleep and Happier Babies? NFI Has the Answer!

Research to Application: Cues, Triggers, and Nudges

Are You a Stressed Dad? Learn How to Manage Work & Family Today!

Interacting with Your Tween or Teen: Rational Communication Trumps a Lecture

What Really Matters to Your Child's Success in School

381 Dads & Counting: Kentucky Dept of Corrections is Changing Fathers from the Inside-Out

Men Can Nurture: Here's How!

Issuing a Challenge to Unwed Fathers

Why is Daniel Murphy's Paternity Leave a Story?

Day 37: Dream Bigger Than a Smaller Number #P90X3Dads

Mid-Program Doldrums #P90X3Dads

24/7 Dad® Program is Connecting Father to Child in El Paso, Texas

Celebrating 20 Years of Changing Fatherhood: Randall Gonzalez

Justin Bieber's Missing Something

New Study Reveals: Father Absence Really is the Problem in Society

We Now Have Proof: Father Absence Really is the Problem

That’s Part of Growing Up?

6 Tips on How to Show Your Child Reading is Awesome

Do What I Do, Not What I Say #P90X3Dads

Celebrating 20 Years of Changing Fatherhood: Jerre Fields (Video)

24/7 Dad® Program Connects Fathers to their Children in Salem, Oregon

Family Structure Can Be a Life or Death Matter

It’s Time to Change the Landscape for Dads…

Little Eyes are Always Watching You, Dad

I Don’t Exercise for Myself #P90X3Dads

Day Zero: 'Pressing Play' on Fit Fathering with #P90X3Dads

Fatherhood 2.0

The Challenge of Becoming a Single Father

Why Dads Need Your Services & Programs More than Ever

5 Tips for Talking With Your Child About Alcohol Use

Celebrating 20 Years of Changing Fatherhood: Wilburn Carver (Video)

The Fatherhood Gap

5 Steps to Enjoying Sports with Your Child

5 Ways to Make Your Kid Smarter Than You

It Takes a Married Village to Raise a Child

Alaska's Approach to InsideOut® Dad

Coverage of Celebrity Deaths Always Misses the Mark

The Missing Salvo in the War on Poverty

NFI Vice President to Speak at Dad 2.0 Summit

Celebrating 20 Years of Changing Fatherhood: Joshua Chiles (Video)

8 Mistakes Every Good Dad Can Avoid (Book Giveaway)

The Hidden Costs of Dysfunctional Families

6 Tips for Picking the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

How to Help Fathers with Child Support Issues

5 Tips for Committing and Recommitting to Fatherhood

5 Questions Every Working Father Should Ask

(Book Giveaway) Bad Dads of the Bible by Former NFI President Roland Warren

You Can Not Out-Exercise a Bad Diet

Have 20 Minutes? You Can Manage Your Work-Family Life

Celebrating 20 Years of Changing Fatherhood: John Thomas (Video)

The Father Factor's 5 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2013

23 Family-Fun Ideas for Entertaining the Kids During the Holidays

The “Tale of Two Fathers” Confirmed by New Study

An Open Letter From a Dad to His Son on His 18th Birthday

The Seven “BE”s of a Successful Dad

You Can Confidently Raise a Teenager

5 Ways to Raise Disagreeable Children

5 Ways to be an Educational Advocate for Your Child

Poverty Sucks—How Father Involvement Alleviates It

LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow: On Dads’ Reading to Their Kids

Why I Drink My Coffee Black

Give to for #GivingTuesday

Fathering from a "Frozen" Perspective

Pork: Your Secret Ingredient for the Perfect Thanksgiving

5 Stops for the Single Father

Be an Awesome Dad. But If All Else Fails, Just Dance.

Join Us for #EngagingDads Twitter Chat: Today at 3pm EST.

Dinner Advice for the Hectic Holidays

When “Inclusion” Results in a Total Lack of Fairness for Dads

NFI Partners with U.S. Army to Place Fatherhood Resources on Installations Worldwide

The Father Absence Crisis in America [Infographic]

Are you a New Dad? Tell Us Your Thoughts Today!

The PURPLE Crying Game [Infographic]

InsideOut Dad® Designation on National Registry of Evidence-based Programs & Practices

Hoping for “Style Points” With Baby #2

NFI's 'Fatherhood Commercial of the Year': And the Winner is...

Different Faces of Fatherhood

8 Ways to be a Leader and Engage Your Community

Fat, Alcohol & Other Sperm Killers: How Your Choices Affect Conception

For the Busy Parent > Room Renovations Under $100

Father Facts are Pesky Things

4 Great Resources on How to Deal with Bullies

6 Ways to Start a Fatherhood Program

(Video) Film Students + 2 Odysseys = Surprise Film Fest #DadsDoingGood

6 Ways to Enhance Staff & Volunteer Capabilities

Father-Daughter Bonding: Fears, Myths and Reality

6 Tips and More on Talking with Your Teen about Sex

Pilot Program of NFI’s Curriculum for Moms a Success

(Video) Dads Teach Kids How to Surf > #DadsDoingGood

Why Cohabitation is Like “Rent to Own”

Get Your FREE Father Friendly™ Check-Up

Are More Moms Opting In or Opting Out?

(Video) Dads Remake Little League Field > #DadsDoingGood

11 Tips for Balancing Work & Family from the “Extremely Productive”

A Must-Watch Video on Texting and Driving

Top 5 Reasons to Donate to NFI

Why Marriage is (Still) a Vital Pathway to Independence

Fatherhood Programs: Facilitating for Change

(Video) 'Dads Doing Good' Gives Lemonade for Charity

6 Tips to Avoid Labeling Your Child

3 Family Habits to Start Before Going Back to School

6 Tips to Prepare Your Kid for College: It’s Not All Academic

Military Dads Serve as Doctor Dad, Too!

NFI and Life of Dad Team Up with Honda for #DadsDoingGood

Parenting for the Next Century

How to Get Fathers in the Door

The Single Dad Apartment Scavenger Hunt

How to Make the Most of Working From Home

The Risks of Teen Driving & What Dad Can Do (Infographic)

(Video) Dying Father and His Last, First Dance with Daughter

5 Methods to Keep the Work-at-Home Dad Focused on What Matters

Is Optimism Fooling Your Parenting? 4 Vital Questions to Ask Yourself

13 Apps to Keep Your Family Safe, Secure and Smart

5 Ways Fathers Can Use Science and Nature to Bond with Their Children

"Home Run" on DVD July 23!

4 Great Resources for Single Dads

When Moms Mark Their Territory

Prince George’s County Council Member Mel Franklin Partners with NFI to Strengthen Fatherhood

Why Do People Continue to Believe Children Don’t Need Fathers?

Teach Your Own Child To Swim—Or Let A Swim Teacher Do It?

(Video) Jay-Z Talks Fatherhood on New Album "Magna Carta Holy Grail"

Building a Better Dad—Should We Start Earlier?

Is the InsideOut Dad® Guide to Family Ties Effective?

6 Summer Reading Tips for You and Your Child

'Despicable' Daddy-Daughter Trip at Universal Orlando: Minion Mayhem & VIP Experience

Dad Tips from "White House Down" Stars Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum at DC Screening

We are Watching You Daddy

'Despicable' Daddy-Daughter Trip at Universal Orlando: Despicable Me 2 Adventure

Engaging Fathers in Home Visits

#DadsWay Twitter Party Tonight (6/20) at 8pm EST—Win an iPad Mini & Raise Money for NFI

Ever Wonder What The Sims™ has to Say about Marriage, Fatherhood & Children?

If You Have a Daughter, #DadsWay Means Dancing

"Man of Steel" and Fatherhood

NFI on C-SPAN's Washington Journal

5 Father's Day Commercials that May Make You Shed Man Tears

Fatherhood Supports Strong Moms & National Family Month

NFI Presents 2013 Military Fatherhood Award™ to RPC Patrick Mondragon

Phil Mickelson Skips US Open Practice for Daughter's Graduation

6 Ways to Involve Moms in Involving Dads

With T1D Care, #DadsWay is Indispensable

3 Super Simple Ways to Support Fathers this Father's Day

The Heart of NFI’s Work

Just Be a Dad

24/7 Dad® & "Wrap Around" Services - So Happy Together

Special Rate for Dads Club™ Now Through Father's Day: $20!

Treat Dad Like a Gentleman on Father's Day—Gifts from $19 to $500

NFI and Life of Dad Present Fatherhood Movie of the Year Award™

Embracing Fatherhood Within Addiction Recovery

What Kind of Dad Are You?

25 Tips for Being a Great Dad

President Obama Talks Fatherhood in Morehouse College Speech

The Precipitous Drop in Teen Birth Rates & What it Means for Dads

Google Doodle Literally Draws Attention to Fatherhood

Help Families in Oklahoma: Give to the Red Cross Now

New Father-Son Adventure: "After Earth" Opens May 31

When Dad's in Jail—He's Still Dad

When Dad's in Jail—He's Still Dad: NFI Connects Father to Family

NFI Honors Military Dads! Vote Before Midnight May 17th!

Implementing Evidence-Based Programs: The Devil in the Details

(Video) Oprah on Fatherhood & the Mistakes Single Moms Make

Great Commercial. Bad tagline.

How to Help Fathers Navigate the Child Support System

(Video) Oprah Talks Fatherhood, Plans to Talk Single Mothers

Parenting Tips Inspired by Military Fatherhood Award Finalist CPO Patrick Mondragon

Mayweather Calls Guerrero "A True Warrior" After Fight

Oprah, NFI, and Fatherhood

Robert Guerrero: Husband. Father. Fighter.

You Can Win $200+ Prize Pack for "Mayweather VS Guerrero"!

Parenting Tips Inspired by Military Fatherhood Award Finalist Ssgt Jorge Roman

The Possibility of Freedom

Parenting Tips Inspired by MFA Finalist Ssgt Charlie Linville

King's Faith in Theaters 4/26: Watch the Trailer!

On Safety and Similarities with Our Kids

Home Run Twitter Chat with Prizes! Tonight 8pm EST #HomeRunMovie

King's Faith Movie: Bring it to Your City!

Parenting Tips Inspired by MFA Finalist Major Kevin Billups

Vote for the 2013 Military Fatherhood Award Winner!

Help us select the 2013 recipient of the Military Fatherhood Award!

New Movie: Home Run! Opens in Theaters April 19th!

The Telling Side of Parenting Humor

The Masters, Tiger Woods and Fatherhood

(Video) Dads Club Strengthens Fatherhood

NFI and Dove® Men+Care™ Team Up to Launch Dads Club™

The Championship Legacy You Pass to Your Kids

4 Ways a Dad Can Make His Child "R-I-C-H"

Campaign Ends Today: Help NFI Support Military Families

The 4 Magical Steps to Making Your Child a Winner in Life

A Working Woman's Response to 'Leaning In' to Fatherhood

(Video) Moms Should "Lean In" to Fatherhood

A Scary Confluence of Trends

Help NFI Support Deployed Dads and Military Kids

8 Amazingly Easy Activities You Can Do With Your Child

Moms Should “Lean In” …to Fatherhood

Dads Are People Too

NEW! Resources from NFI to Help Moms Involve Dads

16 Phrases Your Child Needs to Hear From You

Wednesday Rundown

Steubenville Rape Case: When "I Love You" is "Too Little, Too Late"

5 First Steps to Starting (or Growing) a Fatherhood Program

The Croods and “Leaning In”

Eli Williams, Director of Fatherhood, Talks Fatherhood Kiosks

NFI Presents Fatherhood Award™ at The Croods Screening in NYC

NFI To Bestow Fatherhood Award™ on “Grug” of The Croods

Dad, You are a Hero. Period.

(Video) Cheerleading Dad #ThrowbackThursday

Let #MarchDadness Begin!

Date with Dad: What Makes it So Special?

(Video) Putting Fatherhood Back in The Picture

Note to Dad: It's the Simple Things

Giggles #ThrowbackThursday

(Video) Are Dads the Missing Link in Education Reform?

PA is 25th State to Standardize NFI's InsideOut Dad®

PA is 25th State to Standardize NFI's InsideOut Dad®

And The Award for "Fatherhood Movie of the Year" Goes To....

3 Popular Questions When Working With Fathers

What Makes Girls “Brave”?

Does Having a Family Change the Work-Life Balance Equation?

Parental Guidance: A Fatherhood Review

Choosing Fatherhood: America’s Second Chance

State of the Union Address: Fatherhood on the Agenda

What Remains After a Father Leaves

Throwback Thursday: Keith Urban Understands Romance—Do You?!

One Dad's Favorites from The Washington Auto Show

The Missing Piece in Education Reform—Dads

Advocate for Dads in Washington, DC!

Expectant Deployed Dads: Not Getting What They Need?

The Odd Life of Timothy Green: A Fatherhood “Review”

5 Flu-Fighting Foods for Families

Beasts of the Southern Wild: A Fatherhood “Review”

And the Nominees for "Fatherhood Movie of the Year" Are...

Did Fatherhood Win with Super Bowl Commercials?

How To Start A Fatherhood Initiative

Advocating for Fatherhood Programs in Washington, D.C.

NFI Supplies U.S. Military With Fatherhood Resources

7 Tips for being a Great Dad—Even After January!

Nominate a dad for the 2013 Military Fatherhood Award!

Will you join the 12 Dollars, 12 Months, 12 Dads challenge?

Good Dads and Bad Dads in TV Ads

How To Be a Horrible Dad

NFI Supplies U.S. Military With Fatherhood Resources

Do Fathers Have a Role in Gun Control?

Finding Your Way - Guides for Fathers in Child Protection Cases

Throwback Thursday—Idol's Randy Jackson Gets Fatherhood Award

7 Things a Great Dad Knows

Preparing Teens for Fatherhood with Boyz2Dads

Baseball’s Moral Center: A Lesson for Dads

Throwback Thursday—Tony Dungy Receives Fatherhood Award

How to Set (and Keep) Your Goals in 3 Simple Steps

The Director's Guidance on "Parental Guidance" — Interview with Andy Fickman

Factor Fathers in 2013 - The Year You Involve Dads

The Spider-Man Sleep Solution

Most Popular Post of 2012 — The Difference Between a Man and a Boy

Top Posts of 2012: #2 — Is Your Child a Match or a Torch?

Top Posts of 2012: #3 — 8 Things About Disciplining Your Child

Top Posts of 2012: #4 — 5 Questions Every Father Should Ask Himself

Top Posts of 2012: #5 — Communicating with Your Child

Happy Holidays from NFI and The 12 Dads of Christmas!

A Generous Christmas

Holidays at the Hospital

Christmas Every Day with Chef Madison Cowan

Video: Is a father factor at play in the Newtown school shooting?

A Canadian Dad’s Christmas Story

Sexy Sustainability: The Missing Element in Effective Father Engagement

Is the Sandy Hook Shooting Another Crime of Fatherlessness?

Church, Chocolate & Charlie Brown: How One Dad Makes Christmas Bright

Creating Holiday Memories

NFI's Community Mobilization Approach Workshop

Slowing Down Makes Christmas Memorable

The Connection Campaign: Troy and Xavier’s Inspiring Story

An Involved Father Shares What's Better Than Being Santa

NFI Staff Share Their Favorite Holiday Traditions

A Macaroni Dad’s Hanukkah

First Comes Pizza, Then Comes Proposal: The Christmas She Said "Yes!"

Reflecting on Christmas Past, Present

The Why to Why Knot?™

5 Ways To Say Thanks By Giving

March of Dimes’ Big Miss

5 Ways to Raise Thankful Children

5 Ways to Create a Memorable Thanksgiving

One Father (and Community) at a Time

5 LEGO Inspired Foods for a Fancy Party

5 Ways Your Family Can Show Thankfulness

My Apology to My Junkyard Dawg Dad

Raising a Thankful Child in 4 Easy Steps

Say "Thanks, Dad!" This November

NFI's Brand Promise: More than a Pinky Promise

Doomed to Fail

8 Things To Know About Disciplining Your Child

Join Us at "The Play-By-Play on Fatherhood"

10 Ways to Help Your Child Deal With Bullying

New Jersey Focuses on Fatherhood

6 Protective Factors All Dads can Apply

3 Rules for Communicating with Your Child

A Busy Mom Talks Fatherhood’s New Parenting Tool

A Focus on Fatherhood is Coming to New Jersey

A New Season for NFI

7 Steps To Stopping Tantrums

5 Questions Every Father Should Ask Himself

A Fatherhood Reminder from Yankees Manager Joe Girardi

Creating Change in Your Organization or Community

A Doctor's Advice on the Question: Is My Kid Normal?

NFI Launches Update of InsideOut Dad

Waiting for Fatherhood

When Daddy Isn't in the "Family" Picture

Give a Second Chance to Dads Like Shawn

More on The Moral Rationalization of Non-Married Fatherhood

New Tool Makes Parenting Easier

Fathering after Domestic Violence?

End Father Absence: Give a Second Chance to Dads Like Steven

The Moral Rationalization of Non-Married Fatherhood

NFI Honors Mayor Bloomberg With Fatherhood Award™

Fatherhood’s In the Genes

Help Us Give a Second Chance to Dads Like Jonathan

What Should We Do About Men?

14 Tips for Handling Stress

4 Factors for Successful Father Involvement

Help Us Give a Second Chance to Dads Like Marvin

My Biggest Fear As My Daughter Starts Kindergarten

Learning From A Kindergartner

Dad’s Guide to Back-To-School Gadgets

Going for Gold: The Full Recap of Dad Games 2012

Engaging Your Community - Again!

New Dads Really Do Affect Infant Behavior!

So NFI has a New Blog?

Closing Week of The Dad Games

Just the Father Facts

Are You Putting Your Kid in a Box?

7 Ways to Balance Work and Family

Why? Whyyyyyyyy!!??

The Odd Life of Parents

Tonight: Join #DadGames12 Twitter Party and Win Prizes, 9PM EST

Gold Medal Dads...Balance Work and Family

Dad Games Week 3 Recap: Affirming Your Kids

Wondering if Your Child Feels Loved?

20 Questions for Defining The Relationship

Join #DadGames12 Twitter Party and Win Prizes - Tonight 9PM EST

When the Principal's Name is Dad

Gold Medal Dads...Affirm Their Kids

Co-Parenting Through Thick and Thin

How to Protect Your Marriage from Parental Erosion

Join #DadGames12 Twitter Party and Win Prizes - Tonight 9PM EST

Week 1 Recap of The Dad Games

Feeding Fish? Take the Nightcrawlers. Leave the Fake Bait.

The Father Factor in the Aurora Shooting

PBS Parents Engages in More “Dads and Clueless” Stereotyping

7 Ways To Connect With Your Kids

Join #DadGames12 Twitter Party and Win Prizes - Tonight 9PM EST

Introducing The Dad Games of 2012!

Remembering Stephen Covey

Throwback Thursday: Dance (Video)

Help Us Reach Dads and Help Kids Through Texting

3 Checklists For The Best Summer Ever

Kids Need Their Fathers: For Health, For Growth, For Life

Celebrating Independence Day with Your Kids

5 Steps to Success Before Breakfast

What Was Missing in Sandusky Case? Fathers

Meet NFI Dad Roland Warren

Shaping the Kind of Fathers Children Need

Meet NFI Dad Vince DiCaro

Which TV Dad Are You?

Meet NFI Dad Tim Red

Meet NFI Dad Jason Katoski

Climb Mountain, Get Water: The Father Factor in Kenna's Cause

The Night My Son Came Home With Diabetes

Celebrating Father's Month with NFI Dad Michael Yudt

Fathers, President Obama & BBQ!

Celebrating Father's Month, Meet NFI Dad Erik Vecere

White House Honors NFI President as Champion of Change

Pampers Gets Pops

Celebrating Father's Month, Meet NFI Dad Paul Byus

Father’s Day Is For Fathers: Why WIRED ‘Gets It’ and Others Don’t

Dad Deserves More Than One Day! NFI Celebrates Fathers with Spotlight on NFI Dads

Is Your Child a Match or a Torch?

The Difference Between a Man and a Boy

Introducing NFI’s newest staff member: Ryan Sanders

NFI Announces the 2012 Military Fatherhood Award Recipient!

NFI's Military Fatherhood Award Finalists Featured on HLN Morning Express with Robin Meade

NFI Military Fatherhood Award Finalists To Be Featured on HLN

Military Fatherhood Award Finalists on Fox & Friends

Guest Post: Are Dads an Endangered Species?

Octomom: Her Children, Her Choice and Our Responsibility

Ryan O'Neal Not Alone as a "Lost" Father

Junior Seau's Fatherhood Story

The Huggies Conversation Continues...

Guest Post: How I Taught My Daughter To Fight

The Hunger Games... Or, Trying to Get a Two-Year-Old to Eat

Loving Your Spouse More Than Your Kids

Parenting is Still a Code Word for "Mothering"

Are Dads Really Clueless About Their Own Health?

No Child Beauty Pageants For My Daughter, Please

Huggies Working to Clean Up a Diaper Mess

March Madness: Friendly Competition for Dads and Kids

Devoted And Heroic Dads Should Inspire Us All

Tommy Jordan And The Path Of Parental Redemption

Gift of God: A Father's Reflection on the Birth of a Child

Father Absence And School Discipline

Enter to Win FREE iPad 2!

Does Chris Brown Need A Father Figure?

So Easy, Even a Dad Can Do It

Make Mine A Maxima: A Nissan Fan's First Auto Love

Chardon High Shooting: Symptoms of the Father Factor

Get Off The Couch, Get In The Game

Dads And Depression: Are You Passing Your Symptoms To Your Children?

Minnie Driver And The Curious Case Of The Hidden Father

Fond Memories of Family Firsts in the Nissan Pathfinder

A Father Cannot Afford To Be Careless With His Children

As We Anticipate the Oscars, Help Choose the 2011 Fatherhood Movie of the Year!

Was Tommy Jordan Out Of Line For Shooting His Daughter’s Laptop?

A Hope For Peace Between Whitney Houston And Her Father

A Father’s Last Wish

‘Eagle Daddy’ Should Change His Name To ‘Bad Daddy’

The Tie That Binds

Are Dads Still Second-Class Parents?

What We Can Learn From French Parents

2012 Super Bowl Ads Still Not Ready To Grow Up

It Must Be Tough Being A Military Dad

Lessons From My Grandfather

Fathering For A Lifetime

Cute Baby Videos And Cruel Comments Don’t Go Well Together

Cecil and Prince Fielder Have Long Road In Rebuilding Their Bond

Nagging, the Marriage Killer

Is Hollywood Helping Or Hurting The Case For Fatherhood?

Cleveland Indians Player Chris Perez Is Lucky To Have His Dad

Being A Dad Is Just As Tough As Anything Else

Guest post: 3 Easy Tips for Staying Healthy in 2012

Even The Best Heroes Have Flaws

Fatherhood No ‘Twilight Zone’ For Rod Serling

A Dickensian 2011

Dwyane Wade: All-Star Guard, All-Star Dad

Fathers and Testosterone: Lowered Levels Not So Bad After All

Fatherhood By the Numbers

Building Together with LEGO

Multitasking: Good or Bad for Busy Dads and Families?

Dads Playbook Podcast with NFL quarterback, Mark Brunell. Week 8: Having a great marriage

The tragedy of the Virginia Tech shooting: five children left fatherless

Dads Playbook Podcast with NFL quarterback, Mark Brunell. Week 7: Thriving through the holidays

Dad Bought a Zoo

Tune into NBC Family Movie Night this Friday

The Thankful Campaign: A T-I-M-E to Be Thankful

The Thankful Campaign: Three "Others-First" Values in a "Me-First" World

When your father is the milkman

Dads Playbook Podcast with NFL quarterback, Mark Brunell. Week 6: Getting fit2father

Penn State Taking Positive Action on Child Sexual Abuse

Guest Post: Thanksgiving Thoughts (and a recipe!) from Chef Madison

What the Penn State Scandal Tells Us: We Don't Care About the Sexual Abuse of Boys

Dads Playbook Podcast with NFL quarterback, Mark Brunell. Week 5: Sibling Rivalry

The Thankful Campaign: A Military Dad: Thankful for Restored Relationships

Thanks, Bil Keane!

The Thankful Campaign: Guest Post: Lessons Learned from Dads Who Have Gone Before

The Thankful Campaign: What is NFI Thankful For, You Ask?

The Thankful Campaign: Thankful Tips from Dads & Moms

Guest Post: And the Winner of the 2011 Fatherhood Award is...

The Thankful Campaign: Giving Thanks for Fathers and Families

Dads Playbook Podcast with NFL quarterback, Mark Brunell. Week 4: Fathering Sons

A Mom's Perspective: Appreciating an Involved Husband

Face-to-Face or Cargo Space? Subaru's Father-Friendly Ad

Vote today for your favorite Father-Friendly TV Ad: Chevrolet, Oreo, or Volkswagen?

Dads Playbook Podcast with NFL quarterback, Mark Brunell. Week 3: Fathering Daughters

Steve Jobs and his search for the “iDad”

We wondered why $52??

Guest Post: The Courage to Forgive

Dads Playbook Podcast with NFL quarterback, Mark Brunell. Week 2: Dealing with Disappointment

Hey Dad, Do You Eat With Your Kids?

Guest Post: Kids need an Open Door Policy with Dad

Chef Madison Cowan Helps Dads Get Fit2Father with his Modern Age Pie

Dancing With the Stars: Where Did Rob Kardashian Really Learn How to be a Gentleman?

Respecting Presidents

Be Courageous, See Courageous!

Do involved fathers = smarter, better behaved children?

Fatherhood is as Serious as a Heart Attack... Literally

Dads Playbook Podcast with NFL quarterback, Mark Brunell. Week 1: Work-Family Balance

As Parents...Are We Doomed to be Fat?

Dad is Carpool King

Mark Brunell: Monday Morning Dad

"Up All Night" - A Rookie Parent's Review

Are Good Dads Wimps? Fathers and Testosterone

When "Father" Loses All Meaning

Our 300th Post!

Hey Mom! Get Dad Involved with Back to School!

Guest Post: Let the Video Games Begin!

Fit2Father is Around the Corner!

NFI honors Sherwood Pictures with a Fatherhood Award for movie "Courageous"

Let the Games Begin! Ideas from NFI Staff

Google Chrome Hits a Home Run with "Dear Sophie"

President Obama and Work-Family Balance

Flash Mobs and Absent Dads

Q&A with Joe Ehrmann, author of InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives

Let the Games Begin! Ideas from Dads & Moms - Part 2

People Are Dying because of Father Absence...

Help us Honor Braydon's Dad

Addicted to Fathering Children? The Definition of a Feckless Father.

The Real Toll of War Through the Eyes of a Little Boy

Fatherhood Questions Answered Here

Let the Games Begin! Ideas from Dads & Moms - Part 1

Father Absence is Preventable: Here's How

"Remember When..."

Men at Work: Time and Turf Wait for No One

Out and About with Trees ...and Books?

Crossing the River Together

Did Amy Winehouse have Two Daddies?

Boogie Board Memories and Sandy Snacks

Get Outdoors With The Lil’ Ones This Summer (And Don’t Forget The Nosh!)

This ain't about fishing

Catch and Release: Like fishing, we have to let the kids go

Vinny on the Rocks

Get Out, Try New Things, Make Memories

Encourage and challenge your children, but don't push too hard

How Baseball and Military Dads Motivated Me

A Family Legacy of Camping and Hiking

Investing in Your Child's Future. Or, You Know You're a Dad When Your Wallet Starts Emptying

The Ones that Should Never Get Away...

What Camping Can Do For You and Your Children

Do your kids pass the "crash" test?


“Super” Motivated by Their Dads

Father's Day Recap: Part 2

Father's Day Was Busy!

NFI honors Dwyane Wade with Fatherhood Award

Military Children are the Real Award Winners

Guest Post: Be a Dad: Fatherhood is all about balance

Champion of Change… And a Whole Lot More

In my world, what it means to “Be A Dad”

Guest Post: A Reason to Smile

Be a Dad

Saying Goodbye to My Last “Boy”

Losing Grandpa

Congrats to Military Fatherhood Award winner Chris Cady!

Vote to Support the Courage of Military Dads

Guest Post: The Other Side of the Coin

Fathers, be good to your daughters

Are You Trying to Rob Your Kids?

Honoring Military Dads

Guest Post: Teaching Your Children the Power of a Dollar

"Tiger Mom" and "Panda Dad"

Fatherhood is Like Real Estate

Are Your Kids Sleeping with the Enemy?

Being There

Rear-Facing Blues

When Short-term Pleasure = Long-term Pain

You don't need to move the world - just your thumbs

A Moving Eulogy for a Dad

What Can Happen When Too Many Dads Choose Comfort Rather than Courage

What's in the bag for Dad?

A Dad's Lesson: The Price of Fame

When 2-1/2 = 1-1/2

Of Metal Mouths and (Hopefully Not) Pedals to the Metal

Fathers Are Shoppers, Too

Are you an Angry Dad? If not, well maybe you should be!

What Doesn’t Kill You? Being a Good Dad.

One Dad's Limerick in Praise of the Fanny Pack

Guest Post: 30 Days (Or More!)

Why Should Dad Care?

Guest Post: It Takes a Healthy Heart

Congressman Daddy

Where are the "Tiger Fathers"?

Why no paid paternity leave?

The Father Factor in the Tucson Shooting

You can only be a better dad if you are alive!

Have you Taken the Pledge? 30 Days to Be a Better Dad

For Father's of Older Children--No Time for an "Achy Breaky" Heart

Guest Post: The Joy of Fatherhood

Where's her daddy?

What’s in a name? Everything.

Dwayne Wade: More than a Championship

Who Needs Marriage?

Guest Post: Engaging Emotionally with their Children is Each Father’s Challenge

The Thankful Campaign: Thankful for the Example

The Thankful Campaign: Thankful for the Hugs and Kisses

The Thankful Campaign: Thankful for the Journey

Guest Post: Bonding With Books

Dads must help deal with bullies...

Fit to Retire

NFI and Supporters Race to End Father Absence

Guest post: Porn - You're Not the Only One

The Intended Consequences of an Old Spaniard

Is There a Father Absence Crisis?

Guest post: Cooking Up a Connection

Fatherhood Stories from the Chilean Mine

A day in NFI's programming world

"X"-Treme Fathering

Lessons Learned: Giving to Receive

For kids, the "waiting" is the hardest part

Have You Joined the Team?

The Time for Waiting is Over

Your Princess and Kissing Those Darn Frogs

The Midnight Smile

fit2father: One Thing You Can Do to Safeguard Your Kids

Bullying the Bullies

I have driven a Ford lately

Modern Media Men

A Little Girl Named "Inspiration"

Ending the Baby Blues

One Father's "Duh" Moment

fit2father: Have You Taken the Pledge?

He's Worth It

Small Ways to Make Big Connections With Your Kids Daily

Five Girls Getting Fit2Father?

When It's Over But It's Not

What's Happening Here at NFI

Daddy's Home

Aniston-O'Reilly Fracas

A Requiem for Fatherhood

Can you "love your children but hate your life"?

A Tiger in the Rough

Father Absence and Puberty?

The "Sorry" Language of Love

Support Military Families - Vote for our Pepsi Refresh Project!

The DC Sniper Story Revisited: Before the "Aftermath"

It's Time for 24/7 Dad...Second Edition

The Toy Story Dad…What's His Story?

Rodney Peete's Fatherhood Award

The Father Factor and The Barefoot Bandit

But What If I Don't Want To Be A Dad?

Despicable Me: From Super Bad to Super Dad

12,000 Quotes, Yet One Too Few...

Choosing Comfort or Courage

Father's Day Rewind

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Happy "Farters" Day??

Kristof: Give Your Dad a Meaningful Gift

Fun Father's Day T-shirts...Great Gift Idea!

Brand NEW!

Memento Book Winners...and Another Contest!

Where do you go with parenting questions?

Telling Your Children Your “Story” - Plus, Your Chance to Win a Free Book

Don't Fumble the Baby...

The 21st Century Dad

Going "Gaga" about Sex

Postpartum Depression... in Dads

Of Dads and Heroes

Heroes for My Son

Mother's Day - Take 2

The Boring Stuff is the Best

Getting sacked from "the blind side"

The Council of Dads

There is a Reason for the Gaping Hole in My Trousers

Keeping the Father in the Family & Keeping the Scholar in Scholar-Athlete

Absent children?

First Day of Day Care

Lifelong Commitment

AT&T and Father Unfriendly Ads

Tiger and Nike...Really?

A Father-Friendly Ad...

Lessons from a New Dad

In the Name of April Fools

Teaching an "Old Dog" New Tricks

Dad Brain

"Say Uncle"

Cloudy with a chance of .... fatherhood?

The Great "Milestone Marathon"

Allan Houston Rocks. Literally, In This Case.

One final Olympics-fatherhood reflection...

Let Your Kids Be All-Stars

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